Product Care

Polymer clay is durable with proper care and storage.

-Avoid getting your earrings wet.

-Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

-If they are attracting lint or getting dirty, use a very small amount of nail polish remover or alcohol on a cotton bud sparingly and gently rub over. A baby wipe can also be used. Avoid using alcohol on resin coated pieces.

-Keep away from perfumes, harsh chemicals and detergents. 

-You can refresh colours with a small amount of baby oil.

-All brass components are sealed before they get to you. If you notice significant oxidising they can be cleaned with a mixture of lemon juice, vinegar and bicarb soda- soak for one minute and be careful to thoroughly dry. 

Only high quality, stainless steel hypoallergenic backings are used on earrings. 

Here's to a long lasting pair of beautiful earrings! 

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