Hand crafted polymer clay earrings and more. Unique designs created in Melb, Aus.
Marble Surface


Welcome to Livmakes! My little business was founded as a quarantine hobby during a very long COVID lockdown for Victoria. From there I've found so much joy in crafting unique pieces and putting together colour palettes to accentuate a look. What you see is nothing short of a labour of love- from the brass sealing, colour mixing and clay conditioning, baking, sanding, polishing, assembling, packaging and photographing!


I am a professional dancer and dance teacher by career and as much as I love my work- there's nothing quite like working for yourself! Each piece is crafted with time and the utmost care to deliver a beautiful and affordable pair of earrings using Aussie components. I am so thankful for all the support I've received, and more so to my big supporters.


Stay up to date with me over at @livmakesofficial.